Thursday, May 1, 2014

Plans for the summer!

I’m interested to know what you my fellow classmates as well as our very own Mr. Sweeney have planned for your summer break. Mine however (sad face) will be rather busy. I will have a little room to breathe in May but once June hits I’m going to be a very busy boy. I will be right back here at our lovely Richard Bland College for a few summer school courses one in June and another in July and work on top of that. Hopefully it doesn’t affect me too much to the point where I can’t enjoy my summer break well half of it at least. But I’m a big boy im confident that I can handle it my summer starts this Saturday my older brother is throwing a cookout at Foresthill  park in Richmond Virginia open to the public. Then from then until summer school starts in June I will probably just enjoy my time home visit family member’s and  go to Kings Dominion and I have birthday parties to attend as well as nieces and nephews to meet. So what are your guys plans for the summer feel free to tell me I’m interested to know  

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