Thursday, May 1, 2014

Plans for the summer!

I’m interested to know what you my fellow classmates as well as our very own Mr. Sweeney have planned for your summer break. Mine however (sad face) will be rather busy. I will have a little room to breathe in May but once June hits I’m going to be a very busy boy. I will be right back here at our lovely Richard Bland College for a few summer school courses one in June and another in July and work on top of that. Hopefully it doesn’t affect me too much to the point where I can’t enjoy my summer break well half of it at least. But I’m a big boy im confident that I can handle it my summer starts this Saturday my older brother is throwing a cookout at Foresthill  park in Richmond Virginia open to the public. Then from then until summer school starts in June I will probably just enjoy my time home visit family member’s and  go to Kings Dominion and I have birthday parties to attend as well as nieces and nephews to meet. So what are your guys plans for the summer feel free to tell me I’m interested to know  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

RBC's Cafe

RBC’s Café!

I know I may be doing a lot of complaining and or venting on here but that’s what it’s for right lol? My only issue staying on campus this year at Richard bland was how shitty and limited the café was and still is. I mean I guess I can’t complain too much because it is something and Richard Bland technically is not a university so I can’t expect it to be at the level of that but still if you’re going to do something do it the right way please or don’t do it at all. Obviously I’m not the only person who feels that way or felt that way because they got enough complaints do the point when we came back from winter break they made a few kinks in the café the extended the hours and that really was it the prices stayed the same and they STILL TAX US TWICE! For reasons I do not know. Hopefully next year it will be better because for next year they are incorporating the meal plan in the tuition and they me get a whole new remodel that’s the only positive I guess the prayer of a better and more improved café for next year. 

RBC Summer School!

RBC Summer School!

I need to vent about these ridiculous summer school prices at Richard Bland College! Starting with these ridiculous ass dorm prices 240$ a week is F’n ridiculous and unreasonable I may add that’s my opinion. People attend summer school all the time whether it’s to make up for a class that they failed or to take a class and get it out the way for future references or for some that is the only feasible way to attend classes in the summer instead of paying for multiple classes at once. If the classes are in a short time frame and the material is all crammed together in such a short time the least they can do is go down on the prices to make things easier for us students. Just think about if they lowered the price for on campus summer living they would get way more people willing to stay on campus for the summer and attend class and that gives them more money lower the amount increase the  number of students willing to pay the money to attend. Do they even have the café open for summer school for those who are away from home that have to stay on campus for the summer? Its just a lot of mess when it comes to RBC’s summer school that’s just me others may disagree.

Females in Hip-Hop Videos

Females In Hip-Hop Videos

Fellow classmate Alexis and I did a presentation on females in hip-hop. The video and presentation how the treatment and showmanship of women in not only hip-hop videos but in the culture itself and how it has changed over the years and the question is has it gotten better or worse? I would say its 50/50 now a days some would say worse because of what the women are doing or allowing to be done to them like letting Champaign being poured on them or having money thrown on or at them. While others would say its better now a days because it’s way easy to get notoriety and to use it as a stepping stone to progress into something better. To some this industry to some it’s just a job to others it’s a way of life. Another question that can be asked is that it has gotten worse over the years how do we fix it? Is it the artist responsibility to change the lyrics to be more respectful towards women? Or the women’s job to not to allow themselves to be subjected to such things or us as a culture to try and change this what can we do?   

Full Time!

Full Time!

Hi my name is Devin Myers I am a full time student at Richard bland college and a full time employee at amazon distribution. It sounds all nice fine and dandy but believe in me it is not all it not all it cracks up to be. I have a schedule of 16 credit hours because I stay on campus I must have a minimum of 14 credit hours to stay on campus and on top of that amazon has me working four days a week 10 hour shifts from 6:00pm-4:30am. Those four days out of the week are Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and, Friday its not all bad because with that schedule I only work two consecutive days at a time but the days aren’t really the issue it’s the time frame. That time stamp does not interfere with my classes but it does however interfere with my sleep which is a big problem! The only keeping me a float to stay at amazon is the outstanding pay this job has provided so much for me I was able to buy a car with one check it is helping me pay for the summer school courses that I’m taking in June and July so that’s why I just suck it up and try my hardest to power through.

Shamrock The Block

Shamrock The Block!
This past St. Patrick’s Day weekend some family and friends and myself attended the shamrock the block festival down shockoe bottom. This would be my first year actually attending the festivities so needless to say I was chomping at the bit to finally go. It was everything I hoped it would be plus more there venue’s art galleries all along the strip every single bar was open to the public with the majority of them having everything half off to draw in the large amounts of people who were there. We as a group chose to stay together my older brothers wanted to make sure I experienced the important things and didn’t waste my time on the boring attractions. The real big and fun thing we did was go to a place called the fish bowl that’s sort of a bar/small club it was filled to maximum capacity I had two drinks called a red bowl it was a mixture of fruit punch vodka, gin and a 20 oz can of red bull in it. I had a good time with my friends and family and saw a lot of familiar faces while I was there I am planning on going next year as well to enjoy the festival for a second time…